Project 1948

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States


Fort Worth, Texas, United States


Jenifer White
PO Box 372
Fort Worth, Texas, 76101
United States

Founder and NGO Representative to the United Nations

Project 1948 focuses on Human Rights Sustainable Development United Nations and is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, United States.

We give a camera. We give a voice. Our NGO created a platform for policy-change in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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We're glad you're here! Photography holds possibility. Our voice helps us create a better world. Here's how we elevate the world: we put people first.

  • 1 / 4: We give a camera.
  • 2 / 4: We give a voice.
  • 3 / 4: Our photo-voice program...
  • 4 / 4: is a platform for social policy-change.


Project 1948 is an American-based NGO with an international focus in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The NGO aims to influence young adults by providing them with a camera and a voice, which is practical, insightful, and even necessary in the fight to influence social policy-change.