Manes and Tails Organization

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Hoboken, NJ, United States


Hoboken, NJ, United States


Ms Ellen-Cathryn Nash
456 Ninth Street #26
Hoboken, New Jersey, 07030
United States

[email protected]


Manes and Tails Organization focuses on Education Ethics & Values Law and is headquartered in Hoboken, NJ, United States.

We rescue, rehab, retrain, & re-home the most commonly slaughtered breeds of horses: Quarterhorses, Thoroughbreds, & Paints. Actively participate in the ban of equid slaughter in the US via advocacy & education. We support barefootedness & holistic approaches to health management. We also rescue Dogs & Cats & sometimes Wolves dumped at the Dog Pound. We Board the Rescue Horses at a Private Farm.

  • 1 / 4: Manes and Tails 'Willie' bending down so his little friend could pet his face.
  • 2 / 4: We are a Guidestar Gold Member
  • 3 / 4: Willie gets his Ribbon at age 19!
  • 4 / 4: Hoboken NJ MPU with Ellen-Cathryn Nash


We have Rescued 15 Horses to date. We Board the Horses on a Private Farm. We will take any Horse of any age or Breed depending if we have the funds to support the Horse. We often take a Horse sight unseen. With the Racehorses we know what we are getting. A Horse full of drugs and will suffer a bad withdrawal. We educate via our Websites and actively participate in Social Media & sending letters to Congress. We were the First Non Prof to offer 'Free Leasing' which has always worked out well for the Horses. We will take a Horse back no questions asked. This has never happened as we manage to find the perfect person for the Horses.