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There’s a reason using a .NGO and/or .ONG domain immediately distinguishes your group as a legitimate NGO: to use the domain, your organization must first Self-Certify and is subject to audit to verify if you meet our 7 Eligibility Requirements.


OnGood organizations also become part of our directory of NGOs and members of the OnGood community.

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Helping NGOs Be Credible

NGO registration founded on 7 core Eligibility Requirements

The definitive list of all OnGood organizations

Membership in a trusted community of NGOs

NGO verification audit

To use an .NGO and/or .ONG domain and become part of the OnGood community you must first self-certify that you meet our 7 Eligibility Requirements for use of the .NGO and .ONG domains which include being an organization that is active and working in the public interest. All registrations are subject to audit to verify your NGO status.

The OnGood Directory.

Seeing your .NGO and/or .ONG domains instantly signals to peers and supporters that you’re a certified NGO — but how do they find your domain in the first place? OnGood offers a fully accessible public directory that lists all of our OnGood organizations and is searchable by region or missional focus. For anyone searching for genuine NGO organizations, our directory is the perfect place to start.

A trusted community.

Where do organizations, who normally focus on helping others, go when they need help?  We serve as a platform that will allow members of our trusted community of NGOs to connect, collaborate, and support one another. You will be able to expand your network globally, knowing the groups you are connecting with are authentic organizations similarly dedicated to improving our world.