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Catelldefels, Barcelona, Spain


Catelldefels, Barcelona, Spain


Mr Mario Prieto
Pasaje Pintor Serrasanta 15
Castelldefels, Barcelona, 08860

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Dianova International focuses on Drug Abuse Status of Women United Nations and is headquartered in Catelldefels, Barcelona, Spain.

We are an NGO dedicated to the development of people, communities and organizations We operate in 20 countries and 4 continents

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Addiction Problem? We Can Help You! Located 40 km from Lisbon, our International Treatment Centre specializes in addressing substance use disorders and other dependences, including alcohol, drugs, and non-substance-related addictions. Dianova has been established in Portugal since 1984 as a public utility association specializing in education and health promotion, addiction treatment and rehabilitation, and training and capacity building for people and organizations. Our treatment centre is part of the Dianova international network, with Special Consultative Status at the United Nations (ECOSOC/UN). Why choose Dianova to address an addiction problem? Our addiction treatment centre offers the opportunity to address substance use-related problems and other addictions in a stress-free environment that provides: Individualized, intensive and flexible rehabilitation programme, adapted to each patient’s needs and expectations; Qualified counselling and follow-up by a professional team: medicine, psychiatry, psychology, social work and social education, among others; Science-based, integral intervention coordinated at the physiological, psychological and social levels; Comfortable and welcoming facilities in a pleasant natural setting. TO START YOUR SUCCESSFUL RECOVERY, APPLY ONLINE. FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT US: +351 911 510 098 OR [email protected] Read more:

  • 1 / 1: Are you ready to be healthy again and get your life back on track? At Dianova we help you face up to your problems, away from dependencies and addictions such as alcohol and drugs.


Headquartered in Switzerland, Dianova International is an NGO dedicated to support a network of organizations operating in 19 countries and 4 continents to help those most vulnerable; in addition Dianova International promotes social progress within international organizations and forums addressing social policies.