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Hyderabad, Telangana, India


Hyderabad, Telangana, India

cherish foundation focuses on Ethics & Values Peace & Security Status of Women and is headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

CHERISH FOUNDATION is a Charitable Trust working among the Orphans, Destitute, Street & Poor Children .We are running an Orphanage which is dedicated to provide a Stable ,Loving Family Atmosphere to the children who lost their parents. OUR VISION is to make each and every orphan child to be self dependent and self independent with a bright career. Based on the areas of their interest we want to make them professionals like doctors, engineers, lawyers, social workers, IAS, IPS, Politicians etc., All the children are educated in a reputed english medium school and have the opportunity to take part in activities, such as dancing, singing and sports etc., a few children are weak in their studies, others all are studying well, getting good marks and ranks in their classes. There is a proper schedule, all things go according to the schedule. We provide different types of breakfast, lunch and dinner, eggs twice in a week. Every Sunday with non-vegetarian food. Staff from National Institute of Nutrition gives us daily diet menu for proper balancing of nutritious food for the children, mineral water is being used. Once in a while we plan for outing & enjoy picnic. CHILDREN Regarding the children, most of them had lost their both parents, some have single parent but not interested to take care. And are left the children on the streets. These children are recommended by some of the pastors, leaders and village leaders (sarpanch, VDO) etc., We personally enquired whether they really need help or not, then only we took them into Cherish Home. Based on their age, background, culture, and the situation when they were brought here, we carefully plan about their academics in a proper way. SUPPORT Cherish foundation is a registered Charitable Trust purely a faith based ministry. We pray and rely on God to fulfill our daily needs. At present 17 out of 35 children are sponsored by some of the local friends and well wishers. Apart from that, some other friends are extending their helping hand in the form of cash and kind. To run this orphanage we need around Rs. 2,00,000/- per month. There is a huge amount of bills due at school and other areas. God is strengthening us day by day and making us to move forward along with these little ones. In this humble work we need your support and help without which it will be an incomplete work. We request you to be a part of building God’s kingdom. Please take time to visit Cherish Home whenever possible. Encourage your friends and well wishers to take part in this ministry. Subramanyam David

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